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Why Choose the Cloud?

Chapter 2 Excerpt - SAP in the Cloud: Migration Roadmap
For enterprises, moving to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when. Three-quarters of you are already there in some form, taking advantage of the speed and scalability that the cloud offers. The popularity and benefits of the cloud do not mean that enterprises are abandoning traditional IT systems. The IT of the future, if we examine the trends, is that there will always be some form of hybrid IT landscape. Some recent reports predict that more than 80 percent of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017.
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Chapter 2: Why Choose the Cloud?

Companies are choosing the cloud to deliver responsive IT and to innovate the way people work. Regardless of your role in your organization, you may find that cloud computing can open the door to business transformation. This chapter attempts to explain some of those advantages.

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Chapter 1: A Review of the Cloud

There is a good chance you’ve purchased this book because you have decided the cloud is where you need your SAP applications to be. Before we take you through the process of justifying your project, let’s spend some time getting to know SAP on the cloud. 

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Foreword: About This Book

This book is a sequel to SAP in the Cloud: An Executive Guide, published by insiderBOOKS. While that volume made the case for why you should move your SAP applications to the cloud, this book will explain how to do it.

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Popular Chapters

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  • Chapter 8: Software Updates

    This chapter covers the importance of software updates. It may seem like a boring topic, but keeping software up to date is essential to good security. We also talk about how a provider can implement updates without interrupting your service. You'll understand how those updates have prevented issues in the past and where to look for new SAP notes, which detail fixes. You should be able to ask intelligent questions about their update policy to make sure it's as aggressive as you need it to be. 

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  • Chapter 7: User Access Controls

    In this chapter, we talk about how SAP manages users and roles and how that prevents even the best intentioned users from making a mess of things. We discuss how to separate your user roles to prevent mishandled data and how to ensure individual user security. This chapter is the heaviest in SAP details, so you should come away from it knowing how to create your users and roles and how to make sure those credentials stay secure. 

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  • Chapter 6: Encryption

    This chapter details how encryption protects your data, both while sitting idle on a drive and travelling over networks. We'll cover the technologies around encryption and how you can enable them in you SAP system. You come away with an understanding of the importance of encryption and proper key management, as well as the ways that encryption can go wrong.

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