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Ordering Questions

The information below pertains to orders placed online at You may also order over the telephone by calling the insiderBOOKS customer service team directly at +1 (781) 751-8700. We're open Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm Eastern time.


How do I add items to my cart? [back to top]

As you browse our website and find products that you would like to purchase, simply click the “Add to Cart” button to place any specified item(s) in your cart.

NOTE: Many products have several different “Available Formats” to choose from. Please be certain to select the product format that you would like to purchase and specify the desired quantity before clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

Once an item is added to your cart, you can review, delete, or modify these items by clicking the “Your Cart” link, found on the upper right-hand side of your screen. Here, you may edit the quantity of each item in your cart, and you may also remove any unwanted items before proceeding to checkout.


How do I check out? [back to top

Simply click the "Your Cart" button (upper right-hand side of your screen) to begin finalizing your transaction. Once inside your shopping cart, you can review your items and make changes if needed. Then, when you are ready to complete your order, click the “Proceed to Secure Checkout” button found inside your shopping cart. After clicking "Proceed to Secure Checkout," you will be guided through the process of confirming shipping and payment details. Once your order has been submitted, you will receive detailed confirmation automatically.


What methods of payment does insiderBOOKS accept? [back to top

insiderBOOKS accepts payments online using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you would like to use a corporate purchase order, please contact customer service for details on how to proceed.


How can I get an invoice or receipt for my order? [back to top]

After you have completed the checkout process successfully, you will be presented with an order confirmation screen, which you may print or save for your records. A copy of this information will also be sent immediately to the account holder’s email address of record. In addition, a transaction history will be saved inside your account/profile. You may view this in the future, among other available options, by clicking the “My Profile” button after logging in.


How do I change my order? [back to top]

Prior to checking out, customers may make unlimited changes to the items (and quantities of those items) within their shopping carts, as described above. If you notice that you have made a mistake, or if you would like to change your order for another reason AFTER it has already been submitted, you must contact customer service at +1 (781) 751-8700 Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm Eastern time immediately. You may also email us at If possible, we will make the requested change for you. However, if it is too late and your order has already entered our fulfillment process, then please consult the returns policy. We make every effort to assist in these situations if we can, but please be advised that, once submitted, website orders are considered to be final.


I am receiving an error message at checkout. What do I do? [back to top]

If you receive an error message and are not sure what it pertains to, please send a screen shot and/or a short explanation of the message to Our team will review the issue and make corrections if necessary. If it is an issue that is preventing you from ordering, you may also submit your order to or call us at +1 (781) 751-8700 and one of our customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you.


Content Questions

What an insiderBOOK, exactly?

Aside from being the most up-to-date book you’ll ever read, there’s a few key factors that make an insiderBOOK so unique. For starters, they’re written by the best in the industry, meaning all of the content is coming from trusted experts and leaders. Authors publish content as they write it on a chapter-by-chapter basis, which means you no longer need to wait years for a new textbook to be published only to find it outdated and useless – you can now access the latest technology when you want it!

Oh, and we almost forgot, because of our amazing sponsors, not only are our books (a lot!) cheaper than others on the market, but you can also qualify to get most insiderBOOKS for free!

Get started here


What is an anthology? [back to top]

Our online and print anthologies are simply collections of our published long-form articles written by expert authors. We’ve combined articles written on similar topics into larger publications that you can easily read when purchasing the online version or in print.

Head to the anthologies page to find a topic that most interests you! 


I have a question regarding the content of a particular book. What do I do? [back to top

Please send all content questions via email to All inquiries will be forwarded to the product manager for review, and a response will be returned. For any printed, shipped materials, please DO NOT open for review of content unless you are certain that you are not going to return the product for a refund. All products must remain in their original plastic shrink-wrap to be eligible for return.


Why are insiderBOOKS so awesome? [back to top]

I know, right?!


Account Questions

I've forgotten or lost my password. How do I retrieve it? [back to top]

If you have forgotten or misplaced your existing insiderBOOKS login details, simply click here. You will be prompted to submit your email address, and once you do so, you will receive an email with instructions on how to regain access to your account immediately.


How do I change my username or password? [back to top]

Simply click “My Profile” after logging in. Then, you may modify your account details, including your password, on the “Account Information” tab. Click “Update” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Shipping Questions

What is your general shipping policy? [back to top]

We deliver physical products, including books and technical guides, globally to North America, Europe, and all other continents. All customers view shipping costs associated with selected products and the shipping destination before completing their order within the shopping cart.


What are my shipping options? What will my shipping cost be? [back to top]

Shipping costs are determined separately for each shipment, based on the destination and the number of products ordered. To calculate the specific shipping cost for your order, simply add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. As you proceed through the checkout process, you will be presented, prior to completing your order, with detailed shipping costs.

NOTE: In most cases (for most shipping destinations), customers may choose between the "PRIORITY" (traceable) shipping option via UPS, or less expensive untraceable standard shipping via United States Postal Service (USPS). We are NOT able to guarantee delivery of any orders placed using USPS and therefore we highly reccommend that customers with local or regional standard mail delivery challenges, or urgent requirements for materials place their order with the PRIORITY option selected. Be advised that print books shipped via USPS will not be replaced due to non-delivery/non-receipt under any circumstances.  

Additionally, for many international shipping destinations, customers can optimize the shipping cost per book by ordering more than one book at a time. We recommend that you test different quantities in your shopping cart in order to determine the most cost-effective way to proceed, or consult with one of our customer service specialists.


Will I encounter customs fees and duties? [back to top]

Since our products are shipped from within the United States, there are never any customs fees or duties on US-based orders. In addition, the insiderBOOKS team goes to great lengths, together with our logistics partners, to ensure that our products are tax-exempt in many countries and that customs fees and duties are kept to a minimum for all of our international customers. However, any duties, taxes, or customs-related costs imposed by the destination country are the sole responsibility of the customer/recipient and will not be paid for or reimbursed by insiderBOOKS at any time for any reason.


What happens with refused or abandoned packages? [back to top]

insiderBOOKS will not issue refunds for refused or abandoned packages. Please see our return policy.


How can I track my order? [back to top]

Tracking may not be available if you have selected basic USPS shipping. Orders lost in transit will not be replaced. If you have selected an expedited delivery method, by providing an accurate and up-to-date email address when you submit your order, you will ensure that you receive an automated notification (within about 2 business days from when you placed your order) which will include the UPS tracking number for your package(s) and instructions on how to track it yourself online at


Does insiderBOOKS ship to post office box (P.O. Box) addresses? [back to top]

The website does not accept orders shipping to P.O. Box addresses. If you need to place an order to a P.O. Box address, please call Customer Service at +1 (781) 751-8700 Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm Eastern time. If you choose to order for delivery to a post office box, your order will be sent via United States Postal Service (USPS). There is currently no provision for tracking orders shipped via USPS. Therefore, it is important to note that any orders sent to P.O. Box addresses via USPS will not be replaced if lost in transit. We encourage all customers NOT to use a P.O. Box address.


How does the chapter by chapter publishing process work? [back to top]

When you decide to purchase or pre-order any “insiderBOOKS” branded product(s) which are not available in their entirety, your credit card will be charged for the entire purchase price at the time of your order. You will not incur additional charges related to the same product, as additional product content is released. After logging in, you may click “My Profile” to quickly access any previously purchased content, as well as new content updated. Please consult our website or a customer service representative for the most up-to-date details on the anticipated release dates of upcoming chapters, or of an upcoming book.


What happens when the item I would like to purchase is out of stock? [back to top]

Any physical items that are temporarily sold out or out of stock will be shipped immediately once new inventory is available. By providing an accurate email address when you order is placed, you can ensure that you will receive an automated notification with tracking details as soon as your order has been shipped.


Returns Questions 

How do I change or cancel my order? [back to top]

Most orders placed for physical products at enter the shipping process very quickly so that we can deliver them to you as soon as possible. Orders already in the shipping process cannot be modified. If you would like to attempt to change or cancel an order that has not already entered the shipping process, please call customer service as quickly as possible after placing the order. Customer service for insiderBOOKS customers is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Eastern time by calling +1 (781) 751-8700. If it is still possible to do so, we will change or cancel your order per your request. insiderBOOKS is not liable for orders that cannot be changed or cancelled before entering the shipping process, regardless of when the notification of such order was sent or received. In the case of any order that cannot be changed or cancelled, please consult our returns policy.


What is the insiderBOOKS returns policy (printed books)? [back to top

Customers may return new, unopened items that were sold and fulfilled directly by insiderBOOKS within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Items must be returned unused, in their original product packaging. In the case where insiderBOOKS has delivered the wrong product, or otherwise caused the order to not be fulfilled accurately, return shipping (if required) will be paid for by insiderBOOKS. Exchanges generally take 2-5 business days while refunds generally take approximately 30 days to be processed. insiderBOOKS is not responsible for shipping charges related to the return of the book, and all additional shipping charges from the original order will not be refunded if a book is returned.


How do I proceed with printed book returns? [back to top]

If you would like to return a product (or products) to insiderBOOKS, you must first contact a customer service representative to confirm that your return will qualify for a refund or an exchange and to obtain return instructions. Unapproved returns will not be refunded under any circumstances. We understand that occasionally unique situations arise, and we invite you to contact us with any questions about this policy, or for any specific issues or requests. To request a refund and return, please call +1 (781) 751-8700 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST), or email us at Please be sure to include the title of the item you wish to return in your request.

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