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Publisher of SAPinsider launches new digital book platform: insiderBOOKS

Dedham, Mass. – 05/17/2016SAPinsider, the inside edge for SAP customers worldwide, today announced its newest product line: insiderBOOKS. insiderBOOKS represents a new era in book publishing; it takes a digital-first approach to delivering affordable and timely SAP-related content, including chapter-by-chapter releases, frequent book updates, and an interactive reading experience. Professionals evaluating, implementing, deploying, and using SAP solutions are invited to register for a free insiderBOOKS account. The full online store opens for business during the SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 conference in Orlando, Florida.

With its digital-first approach, insiderBOOKS releases content as soon as it is ready, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, ensuring that users stay ahead of the curve. “After talking face to face with thousands of SAP customers over the last few years and hearing their feedback and suggestions, it became clear that traditional print book publishers are falling short of the mark,” said insiderBOOKS Vice President Jonathan Kent.

Given the rate at which SAP technology evolves, insiderBOOKS is redefining reading by keeping the latest information available at users’ fingertips. “Since SAP introduces new products and makes significant improvements to existing solutions all the time, customers find themselves clamoring for a book that often doesn’t exist yet, or is already out of date when it is released,” said Kent. “We've been listening, and we know that folks throughout the SAP community will be very keen to learn what insiderBOOKS is all about. The bottom line is that these books are timely, trustworthy, engaging, and affordable.”

There are dozens of upcoming chapter releases scheduled for insiderBOOKS. Topics will cover SAP solutions for business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), financials, human resources (HR), logistics, supply chain management (SCM), cloud, SAP HANA, development, administration, and more. Qualified readers may also be eligible to download specific books free of charge courtesy of sponsoring partners.


About insiderBOOKS

insiderBOOKS is a new line of interactive books and eBooks from the publisher of SAPinsider. The insiderBOOKS platform is for anyone looking to advance his or her knowledge and skills related to SAP technology. It offers immediate access to top-notch, affordable, accurate, and up-to-the-minute information to help readers solidify their understanding of—and maximize their investment in—SAP solutions.

insiderBOOKS takes a digital-first approach that provides DRM-free eBook downloads, online access, and printed versions of the latest-and-greatest coverage of SAP technologies and solutions. Unlike traditional publishers who continue to employ a centuries-old model, insiderBOOKS releases content as soon as it is ready, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, ensuring its readers stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about how insiderBOOKS is redefining reading, visit /.


About SAPinsider

SAPinsider, published by Wellesley Information Services (WIS), is the premier source of information on products, services, and strategic initiatives coming from SAP and its partners. More than 250,000 customers around the globe rely on education and training materials from SAPinsider to optimize their investment in SAP solutions. WIS is the publisher of SAPinsider, insiderPROFILES, and SAP Experts, and is the producer of SAPinsider conferences and events worldwide. For more information, visit


SAP is a registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and several other countries. WIS is not affiliated with SAP SE or any of the SAP SE group of companies.




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