SAP in the Cloud: Migration Roadmap

SAP in the Cloud: Migration Roadmap (Electronic Editions)



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ISBN:      9780997429121
Updated: May 2017
Includes: Online access as well as PDF, ePub, and Mobi download files

This book is a sequel to SAP in the Cloud: An Executive Guide published by insiderBOOKS. While that volume made the case for why you should move your SAP applications to the cloud, this book will explain how to do it. Written for a wide range of audiences, the book is a rich source of information about migrating to the cloud.

Learn about:

  • The benefits of running an SAP landscape in the cloud
  • Cloud managed services for SAP
  • Requirements for migrating to the cloud
  • Activation
  • Onboarding in the cloud
  • Cloud migration project governance and management
  • Service-level agreements
  • Integration

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Review of the Cloud
There is a good chance you’ve purchased this book because you have decided the cloud is where you need your SAP applications to be. Before we take you through the process of justifying your project, let’s spend some time getting to know SAP on the cloud. 

Chapter 2: Why Choose the Cloud
Companies are choosing the cloud to deliver responsive IT and to innovate the way people work. Regardless of your role in your organization, you may find that cloud computing can open the door to business transformation. This chapter attempts to explain some of those advantages.

Chapter 3: SAP on the Cloud: In Depth
This chapter examines SAP’s new cloud platform based on SAP HANA and how it is different not only from other similar applications but even from other SAP implementations. It also makes the case for on-premise implementations versus cloud managed services. It asks the question: If my SAP implementation is mission critical, should it be on the cloud? It also presents an overview of the methodology of moving SAP to the cloud, including a detailed discussion of SAP’s newest cloud platform based on SAP S/4HANA.

Chapter 4: Phase One: Launch
This chapter examines the first of four phases every cloud implementation should have, beginning with the Launch phase and opening with an explanation of on-boarding methodology. While not a rehash of project management methodology, it provides best practice recommendations for selecting a project team, finding a partner, establishing project governance, creating project plans, reviewing and defining scope and transition, defining priorities, and refining roles and responsibilities.

Chapter 5: Phase Two: Model
The second phase of moving SAP to the cloud, model, contains an overview of the second half of onboarding to the cloud. It examples infrastructure requirements and design and walks the reader through the process of developing a workload analysis. The chapter discusses application and business process discovery as well as operational run books and migration strategy.

Chapter 6: Phase Three: Build
In the third phase, build, we walk through developing proofs of concept for your project. The chapter discusses how to take advantage of a provision-shared infrastructure, as well as strategies for building and testing that infrastructure. There is an examination on how to build and mitigate databases and applications, as well as planning the phase cutover. It also looks at automated provisioning and automated services.

Chapter 7: Phase Four: Transition
In the final phase, transition, we go through what you can expect at go-live, followed by lengthy discussions regarding service level agreements, operations process training, and transition to cloud operations. We talk about intricacies of system stabilization and monitoring. Finally, we explore the options for business continuity and security.