SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM: Technical Tips and Integration Advice (Electronic Editions)

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SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors comes with a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what this move means for current SAP ERP HCM users and how they can integrate SuccessFactors technology into existing SAP landscapes. This anthology, a collection of articles recently published in HR Expert, helps to clarify the confusion, answers your integration questions, and provides technical guidance on how to properly plan for and use SuccessFactors in your organization.

Starting with a broad view of SuccessFactors and the history behind its acquisition, this anthology’s articles narrow in scope as they progress. From providing technical details about the integration of the two systems, to offering specific guidance for navigating Employee Central, and culminating with deep technical information about the Metadata Framework and picklists management, these exclusive articles provide a broad spectrum of expert insights that cannot be found anywhere else.

At HR Expert, our mission is to help you build your skills and achieve the business goals of the organizations you serve. This anthology has been curated with this guiding principle in mind—to help you advance your SAP and SuccessFactors knowledge and stay on the leading edge of SAP technology.

Each of these hand-picked articles has not only been written by an expert, but has also been reviewed for quality, completeness and accuracy by the seasoned HR Expert editorial team and our trusted panel of advisors.   

Table of Contents

SAP and SuccessFactors — An Overview ..... 3
by Luke Marson, Chief Cloud HCM Architect, Hula Partners
In this exclusive in-depth report, learn about SuccessFactors and what the acquisition means for SAP ERP HCM and your business. Get a detailed, comprehensive overview of SuccessFactors, SAP’s strategy, the future of SAP ERP HCM, and how the acquisition of SuccessFactors affects yourbusiness. This report aims to dispel any myths or confusion around SuccessFactors and provide a solid grounding on SuccessFactors and its position in the SAP ERP HCM family.

Understanding the SAP ERP HCM Reporting Landscape Today and in the Future ..... 33
by Danielle Larocca, Vice President Operations, North America, SpinifexIT
Gain an understanding of what the SAP ERP HCM landscape looks like today in simple, clear terms. Learn, from the author’s experience, where SAP ERP HCM is headed in the future, and how you should be planning to meet these new challenges.

Integrating SuccessFactors Employee Central with SAP ERP HCM Master Data ..... 39
by Priynk Gautam, SAP ERP HCM/SuccessFactors Consultant
Learn how to integrate SuccessFactors Employee Central with your SAP ERP HCM system. After successful integration, Employee Central becomes the system of record for master data, and any changes to master data in Employee Central can be copied to the SAP ERP HCM system using iFlows.

Creating Metadata Framework Objects in SuccessFactors Employee Central ..... 51
by Jyoti Sharma, Vice President of Consulting & Services Cloud HCM, HRIZONS, and Luke Marson, Chief Cloud HCM Architect, Hula Partners
Learn how to create objects in the Metadata Framework to extend your SuccessFactors Employee Central system with custom objects, fields, rules, and screens. Get an overview of what the Metadata Framework is, how it is used, and how to use it to bring more value to your SuccessFactors system.

Calibrate Employee Performance Through SuccessFactors ..... 68
by Prashant Rastogi, Associate Manager, Accenture
Learn how to configure the calibration capability in SuccessFactors, which helps to achieve objective and fair employee performance reviews.

How to Enable, Create, and Manage the New SuccessFactors Metadata Framework-Based Talent Pools ..... 79
by Luke Marson, Chief Cloud HCM Architect, Hula Partners
Learn how to create and manage the new Metadata Framework-based Talent Pools introduced in the November 2013 release of SuccessFactors. Learn how the Talent Pools work and how they can be leveraged for succession, development, and other business processes. In addition, find out how to enable and configure Talent Pools in your system.

Picklists Management and Cascading Picklists in SuccessFactors ..... 96
by Mohan Paul Varghese, Customer Success Manager, SAP/SuccessFactors
Learn how to create, edit, and update picklists and cascading picklists in SuccessFactors systems. Also, learn how to configure the picklists’ permission in the administration tools.

Tips for Adding Additional Job Information Fields in the People Pool ..... 110
by Manjunath Bannur, SuccessFactors, Employee Central Consultant
It is not uncommon for HR users to request that additional custom fields be added to different portlets to capture the data related to their employees; the Job Information portlet of SuccessFactors Employee Central is no exception. The Job Information section stores important data related to employees to define the relationship of the employee to the organization. As such, additional fields are often required to satisfy HR manager or administrator needs. Learn how to add extra and custom fields in the People Pool section of SuccessFactors Employee Central.